Specialty Coverage: Child Care Insurance

There is great coverage for child care centers and day care providers, the people who work hard to care for and protect the children under their supervision. Treat your business to the same level of care, attention and protection! Features of this type of insurance can include:

  • General liability up to $ 3 million aggregate
  • Business Income @ Actual Loss Sustained up to 12 months
  • Coverage for water activites and even dog exposures for family child care facilities
  • Errors & Omissions / Professional Liability is included!
  • We have policies that do not automatically add an abduction exclusion

There are some operations that were previously excluded for preferred coverage and had to go to more expensive “Excess and Secondary” markets, but insurers are now able to consider on admitted & preferred “paper:”

  • You can operate up to 24 hours/day! (used to be 16 hours max)
  • Exclusion “buy backs” include optional abuse & molestation
  • We can now add excess medical/accident coverage for children, as long as no overnight care

These types of policies don’t have to be limited just to individual child care. Agents can also look at coverage for your business that does group or family care, 24 hour child care, Montessori schools, Pre-Schools, HeadStart programs, LatchKey operations and Drop-In centers.